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  Wednesday, December 01, 2021 Mentoring  

Mentoring is a goal-oriented relationship. An interpreter seeks to learn and grow through an association with a seasoned mentor. In general, you choose a mentor with a specific skill set that you want to improve in yourself.

AIM provides mentorship opportunities and teaches you how to mentor someone else or how to get mentoring for yourself. Learn how to set goals for your interpreting. See how to achieve those goals with your mentor.

At the beginning of the mentor relationship, the mentor and mentee write a working agreement and sign it. Goals are set. Mentoring occurs on the job, and in pre and post meetings with the mentor. The two of you work the assignment, and then meet to discuss the work. Or the mentee meets with the mentor after some work is completed and discusses the work.

Progress reports are given to the mentee throughout the process. The team works on one goal at a time. An established timeframe is set. Afterwards an analysis of the process is done. The mentor and mentee discuss the steps to take.

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