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  Wednesday, December 01, 2021 Kitchen Table Workshops  
 Kitchen Table Workshops


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Is your life hectic?  Do you have trouble finding time to go to workshops and conferences?  You are not alone, so get some of your friends and colleagues together for a Kitchen Table Workshop!  A Kitchen Table Workshop is a workshop that happens in your kitchen. Same CEUs, same helpful information but in the comfort of your home.  By hosting AIM in your home, you the host, receive the workshop at half price!  You only need to get 4 other interpreters, pick a time, place and a topic!  Individuals will register with AIM and we will do the rest, including awarding CEUs!  Plan for 45 days in advance to get the CEUs approved. If you don’t have 4 other interpreters, contact me and we can work it out!  If you live outside the St. Louis metro area and want to host a workshop, call me to make arrangements.  Most workshops will need a blank wall to project the Power Point onto. Some workshops will need access to high speed Internet. Refreshments and snacks will be the host’s responsibility.

Imagine a workshop in the comfort of someone’s kitchen!  Kitchen table not big enough?  You prefer the living room?  No problem, WE can get your CEUs for you!!!  Contact us today!

Here is the current list available for Kitchen Table workshops.  If you want another topic, let me know and I will try and accommodate you.

How to Shed a Bad Day $30  .3 CEUs
Voicing Outside the Gloss Box $30  .3
Voicing Presence $30  .3
Building English Vocabulary $30  .3
Sign What They Mean $30  .3
Legal Protocol $30  .3
MICS Test Prep $30   .3
Getting Started In Interpreting $30  .3
Self-Talk: Guiding Your Success $30  .3
Fear Factors of Interpreting $30  .3
WAIT, I Need the Message $30 for .3  or $40 for .4
Medical Interpreting: Maternity $20 for .2
Introduction to Schema $30  .3
Hot, Warm Cold: Voicing Practice $40  for .4
The Care and Feeding of Your Team $20 for .2


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