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  Wednesday, December 01, 2021 Independent Study  
 Independent Study

One of the many ways to earn CEUs is to do an Independent Study project. You can earn up to 2 CEUs this way. Ask AIM to help you set up an independent study. AIM guides you through the paperwork required for an independent study and helps you structure an educational experience that is unique to your needs.

Possible ways to conduct an independent study include

  • Home study with videos
  • Conducting research or writing a literature review
  • Joining or starting a study group
  • Serving as a mentor or mentee
  • Developing a curriculum or workshop
  • Teaching a workshop for the first time

Simply choose an activity and be prepared to answer, in writing, the following questions:
(1) What do you want to do? Provide a brief description of what you will complete to earn CEUs.
(2) Why are you doing it? Professional growth, personal needs, skill development, increased general knowledge, etc.
(3) What are your specific goals? Make them measurable, observable and tangible!
(4) How will you accomplish the goals? Provide an action plan.
(5) How will you show what you have learned? This is an evaluation process.
(6) How many CEUs is it worth? AIM helps you determine the number of CEUs for each content area.

AIM helps you develop the answers to these questions. Make sure you document your time and efforts while working on the activity. After you complete your Independent Study, then a report is due to AIM, including any required documentation.

You can take academic coursework for CEU credit as well. Contact AIM to file the paperwork. For a semester course the ratio of CEUs to credit hours is 1.5 per credit (i.e. a 3-hour class equals 4.5 CEUs). For a quarter system, the ratio is 1 to 1. You must earn a grade of C or better to receive your CEUs. Once you have a transcript, you submit a copy to AIM to obtain CEU credits. The paperwork can be filed anytime during your CMP cycle, but the class must be taken during the cycle. Contact Us

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