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  Wednesday, December 01, 2021 In-Services  
 In-Services for Businesses, Schools and Employers

Have a Deaf employee? Our comprehensive program teaches your team how to effectively communicate with each other.

AIM meets separately with you and with your Deaf employee in advance to conduct needs assessment interviews. Then AIM customizes an in-service for your team to integrate that Deaf employee so that you can better maximize all potential.

In-Service Training

AIM teaches:

  • Etiquette for working with the Deaf.
  • The role of an interpreter and when you need to have one.
  • How to properly use your interpreter.
  • The role of an interpreter as dictated by the Code of Professional Conduct that interpreters must follow.
  • Basic signs to use in the absence of an interpreter.
  • The ABC’s of daily interaction with the Deaf in your workplace.

In-Services For Service Providers:

If you are a service provider to the Deaf community, the American with Disabilities Act mandates provision of interpreters when requested. Some states require interpreters hold state certification and licensure.

Hospitals, police stations, courts and schools are just a sampling of the entities that are mandated under the law to provide interpreters at the proper certification levels. AIM custom builds an informative presentation to educate your entity on these requirements.

AIM teaches:

  • The Deaf view themselves as a separate culture.
  • The customs of Deaf Culture.
  • Communication Do’s and don’ts that enhance your interaction.
  • The interpreter certification levels required for your situation and where to find interpreters of that caliber.
  • The role of an interpreter and when you are required to have one.
  • How to properly utilize your interpreter.

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