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  Wednesday, December 01, 2021 Continuing Education Units  
 Continuing Education Units

Most states and the Registry of Interpreters for the Deaf require certified interpreters to continue their education after certification. This is tracked by earning Continuing Education Units or CEUs.

Advancing Interpreting & More, LLC facilitates earning CEU credit in several different ways:

AIM also takes care of the paperwork for academic coursework that is approved by RID for credit.

States have different formulas for accumulating CEUs. For example, the state of Missouri requires 12 hours of continued education, or 1.2 CEUs. Please check with your individual state for rules and regulations.

For RID, one CEU equals 10 contact hours of participation. Each interpreter is required to earn 8 CEUs (80 contact hours) during a 4-year cycle. The eight are divided into two content areas: Professional Studies and General Studies.

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